Rusting Away

The passage of time does not hide the evidence. I like rusted things: bits of metal, machine parts, old trucks. The rust patina is beautiful and compelling. I use it often in my Ritual Totems series and my Dolls of the Apocalypse. It’s also the colour of my beard, at least it was before it went white. The photograph below was taken at the Philadelphia Navy Yard. But the steel walls of buildings are not the only things being reclaimed there by nature. You should visit and see the old, out of commission battle ships proudly displaying their rusting hulls.

Photo ©️ 2019 by Burnell Yow!

Linda Lou Horn

We were finally able to get to Ms. Horn’s exhibition, A Cast of Characters, at St. Asaphs – on the last day. And I’m so glad we did. Linda Lou joined us there. A delightful time spent catching up and admiring the boldly colourful work of my boldly colourful friend and fellow creative. To top it all off, we left with two paintings (perhaps a third will be joining them). If you were unable to make the show, the clickable thumbnails below will give you a glimpse into what you missed. And you can check out Linda Lou’s work on her FB page.

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Recent Work From The Ritual Totems Series

These mixed media works incorporate both natural and manufactured found objects, and are inspired by childhood passions.


Artist & Studio Cat

Rennie is not only adorable, he’s a very well-informed art critic, and he lets me know if a piece needs to go in a different direction by knocking it off my work bench. Inevitably, it ends up even better than before.


Celebrate Your Uniqueness

One should never underestimate the value of joyfully being yourself. After all, as Oscar Wilde said, “everyone else is already taken.” But for many, following one’s own bliss, daring to stand out from the crowd, or dancing to the beat of a different drum machine invites ridicule and pressure to conform. While it is easier to go along to get along, the rewards for not doing so, e.g., self-esteem and the knowledge that you’re making a genuine contribution (one only you can make) are great.


Lately, I Have Wondered

Think about it. You have maybe 80 years to grow up, to conquer your internal demons of self-doubt, self-loathing, fear, etc., to find yourself, your purpose, your passion, to develope a skill, hone your talent, to realize your hopes and dreams and aspirations, to gain the respect and admiration of your peers, to finally, once and for all, achieve true peace of mind and to live fully in the present moment. Then you die. Is it any wonder we make up stories about an afterlife or reincarnation?


Digital Collage

A digital collage is different from a traditional torn or cut paper collage. The former, because it is created from digitized images on a computer, does not use an adhesive to secure the images. I have worked in both traditional and digital mediums. One the reasons I prefer working with digitized images is the freedom to experiment with size, saturation, flipping of images, the applying of filters, etc., to alter the images in an infinite variety of ways.

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“You’ve Got The Freedom” Original Ukulele Song

Freedom of Speech is relative to your threat level in the eyes of the powers-that-be. And that’s what this song speaks to. I wrote it in 1984. And since I am still around to sing it and post this on YouTube would seem to indicate I am no threat at all.

Includes onscreen lyrics.

Written in 1984. Created and recorded this ukulele version in 2017.
Words & Music Copyright © 1984 by Burnell Yow!
Video Copyright © 2017 by Burnell Yow!

You’ve Got The Freedom
(words & music by Burnell Yow! Played in key of C on video)

The [G]rich get richer and the hungry they starve
That’s one of the rules to the [D7]game
Well, you’ve got the freedom to question their methods
As long as they can keep on the [G]same
But if what you’re saying starts to affect
The power and the [G7]money they [C]own,
Then your Bill of Rights goes [G]right out the window
And [D7]you’re left standing a[G]lone

And it’s the [C]FBI and the [G]CIA
[D7]There to protect the status quo, [G]wo, wo.
It’s the [C]FBI and the [G]CIA
[D7]They’ll tell you where to [G]go.

I [G]know you thought freedom was something protected,
Something that would always [D7]last,
But government of the people, by the people, for the people
Has become a thing of the [G]past.
You see, it’s big business that governs us now,
Where profits, not [G7]people, pre[C]vail.
You’ve got the freedom to [G]say what you like,
But [D7]you just might end up in [G]jail.

Repeat CHO:

[G]You’ve got the freedom to say what you like,
As long as they can do as they [D7]please.
But if what you’re saying is bad for their business,
They’ll cut you off at the [G]knees.
They’ll put you under surveillance, you’re phone they will bug,
They’ll attempt to dis[G7]credit your [C]name.
You’ve got the freedom to [G]say what you like
As [D7]long as it don’t cause them [G]pain.

Repeat CHO:

[G]There have been people who’ve had the courage
To stand up and say what was [D7]wrong.
But those determined to be a real threat
Never seem to last very [G]long.
They were killed by assassins or thrown into jail.
Or maybe they [G7]just disap[C]peared.
You’ve got the freedom to [G]say what you like,
But to[D7]morrow you might not be [G]here.

Final CHO:
And it’s the [C]FBI and the [G]NSA
[D7]There to protect the status quo, [G]wo, wo.
It’s the [C]FBI and the [G]NSA
[D7]They’ll tell you where to [G]go.
And they’ll show you.
[D7]They’ll tell you where to [G]go.

Copyright 1984 Burnell Yow!
Video © 2017 by Burnell Yow!


Quote from Sei Iam – 11.22.17

Quote from Sei Iam


Having A Little App Fun…

So, I got a bit sidetracked today playing with a caricaturing ios app called MomentCam. Made one for each of the two things I most love doing: Playing the ukulele and making art. One drawback of the app is that it does not have a full-beard option or the option to make the beard white. Although, you can choose white for the head hair. So, I opened up a second ios app called Pixomatic and grabbed my beard from a selfie and dropped it onto the other image. Also used Photoshop on the Mac to add tie-dye pattern to jacket, etc.