Damian DeGiosio In Our Collection…

Damian DeGiosio, ArtistEvery day is an adventure if you open yourself to it. And that day we were both open to it. So, as we walked down Walnut Street in Philadelphia, we found ourselves drawn to the activity and, subsequently, the art of one Damian DeGiosio as he sat cross-legged on the sidewalk, a series of tiny paintings displayed around him on pieces of cardboard. But it was not the cardboard he was painting on. It was matchbooks. Each one had been carved, cut, painted, drawn upon, and collaged – cityscapes and landscapes, mostly. And in each, the matches, themselves, figured prominently in the composition. We were fascinated by the tiny worlds he’d created from something that usually gets used and then tossed away. Of course, we just had to bring a few of them home. Here they are. You can read more about and from him at the URL below the last image.

DamianDegiosio_1 DamianDeGiosio_2 DamianDeGiosio_3 DamianDeGiosio_4 DamianDeGiosio_5



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