Makers Making In Cape May, NJ

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Makers Making In Cape May, NJ

Photo used with permission by @makersmaking on Instagram

I love visiting Cape May, NJ. My wife and I usually start the day with an awesome breakfast at McGlades, which is right on the beach. Then we go our separate ways till dinner time. She heads for the shoreline with her water bottle, snacks, a good book and a beach chair. I head inland to Washington Street – what I consider the main drag of the resort town. It’s where all the fun shops are, and is very pedestrian friendly – no cars.

I know, and have been in, most of the shops, but this time there was something new and, as it turns out, quite unique. It is called Makers Making. And it was the incredible wooden bicycle by Max Samuelson in the shops display window that pulled me in like a magnet.

Danny & Lindsay, owners of Makers Making

Photo used with permission by @makersmaking on Instagram

Inside I found Dan and Lindsay, the owners of the shop. And yes, they are as nice as they look. The shop is filled with Fine Craft items, which is certainly reflective of their mission statement, copied here from their website: “Makers Making shop is the happy result of our desire to curate a space dedicated to fine craft and inventive design. Our parallel mission is for Makers Making to function as a medium for inspiring, discussing, and sharing creative processes.”

I do hope you’ll stop by and say hello and check out the really cool things that makers make, brought to you by Dan and Lindsay.

You can also find them online at or on Instagram @makersmaking Email: 

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