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We adore the work of this amazing artist. And we are also very fortunate to own of one of her sculptures – a kneeling woman tenderly holding a raven over her heart. But look closer and see that the woman’s hand and arm have become the raven, whose nest rests upon her lap. Her full-of-wonder works evoke, for us, the very real connection we humans have with all of nature.


Quote from her website at>

“For me, every sculpture—even those in a related series—has its own individual, freestanding life. But when I finished this most recent body of work and looked for a feeling that encompassed it as a whole, I was struck by the concept of a harbinger: a dream, sign, or omen foreshadowing things to come. There is a quiet resistance, in this work, to the cultural and biological losses of our time. Some of the pieces reference the feeling of ancient Greek and Italian art; classical imagery has always provided an innate vocabulary. By focussing on older, more mysterious ways of seeing the world, edges of consciousness and deeper levels of awareness suggest themselves.” – Adrian Arleo

Video below is a walk-through of an exhibition of Arleo’s work at the Jane Sauer Gallery.

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