Death Comes Knocking…

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It doesn’t matter how great an artist you are, or how much you have to contribute to society at large through the expression of your own undeniably unique genius. Death will claim you in its own time, not yours. So if you find yourself sitting on your ass today, at least be as creative about it as you can. Maybe you can make up a tune and hum it to your cat. But do something! We all need the creative energy of your involvement.


A Bleeding Heart…

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Bleeding-heart liberal, and proud of it! The giant corporations won’t be satisfied till they “own” all the water. So, if my being against that makes me a bleeding-heart liberal, then so be it! Cut open the chest of a consevative, and you’ll find a ticker tape.


Praise For A Rebellious Attiutude…

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Rebellion and revolutionary thought and action is what moves the human race forward. If kids growing up didn’t question their parent’s ideals and attitudes and methods, and feel that they could do it better, we’d still be in the Stone Age.


On Loan: A Robin Hotchkiss Original

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Burnell With Hotchkiss Painting

As some of you know, my friend and fellow artist, Robin Hotchkiss, died recently even as preparations were being made for a retrospective exhibit of her work. This painting is one of two that we loaned for the exhibition, out of the dozen or so paintings by Robin in our collection. Photo was snapped by Ann Keech, the exhibition’s organizer out front of the home and studio I share with my wife, Betsy Alexander.

Exhibition Info


Stalker Lyrics Tell A Different Story

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Some people call me stalker. Some folks call me creep.
If you could live inside my head, you’d never ever sleep.
It’s not that I am darker, at least not more than most.
It’s just that I own who I am. I’ve friended all my ghosts.
Come midnight as the world retires, I’m up, shaved and showered,
Then out the door and down the street, to claim my favorite hour.
Tween 12 and 1 my blood grows hot, my eyes and ears grow keen.
I’m just a monster on the prowl, a mad man dressed in green.
I stalk the trash that others toss into boxes, bags and cans.
A bit of string, a barbie doll, or a photo of your Gran,
And when my bag is ladened with treasures all un-new,
It’s home again to rip and tear, to drill, and paint and glue.
Lyrics © 2015 by Burnell Yow!
Inspired by a project I completed a number of years ago. It was called Fifty-Two Collages In 52 Weeks. 


Robin Hotchkiss In Our Collection

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Hotchkiss Grouping

Robin HotchkissRobin Hotchkiss died yesterday after a prolonged illness. She was an artist of marvelous wit, the owner of the Salon Des Amis Gallery in Malvern, PA, and a good friend to many local artists, including many members of the Philadelphia Dumpster Divers, myself included. Here’s just a few of her many works, which my wife, Betsy Alexander, and I feel honored to have in our collection.

Baby Onboard


St. Francis


Boxed In

Alien Portrait


Eight Ball

Alien Seduction

The End Is Near


A Steller Discovery!!

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What is Steller, you ask? It’s an iPhone app that allows you to create stories combining photos, text and video. The finished story can be viewed either online or with the Steller app. It’s a free download.

To date, I have created 23 stories featuring mostly my art. There’s one about my studio cat, Rennie. And one about the most famous of our cat colony, Nora The Piano Cat. I think you’ll like them. Check them out at

If you like, share and comment. But most of all just enjoy!


Makers Making In Cape May, NJ

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Makers Making In Cape May, NJ

Photo used with permission by @makersmaking on Instagram

I love visiting Cape May, NJ. My wife and I usually start the day with an awesome breakfast at McGlades, which is right on the beach. Then we go our separate ways till dinner time. She heads for the shoreline with her water bottle, snacks, a good book and a beach chair. I head inland to Washington Street – what I consider the main drag of the resort town. It’s where all the fun shops are, and is very pedestrian friendly – no cars.

I know, and have been in, most of the shops, but this time there was something new and, as it turns out, quite unique. It is called Makers Making. And it was the incredible wooden bicycle by Max Samuelson in the shops display window that pulled me in like a magnet.

Danny & Lindsay, owners of Makers Making

Photo used with permission by @makersmaking on Instagram

Inside I found Dan and Lindsay, the owners of the shop. And yes, they are as nice as they look. The shop is filled with Fine Craft items, which is certainly reflective of their mission statement, copied here from their website: “Makers Making shop is the happy result of our desire to curate a space dedicated to fine craft and inventive design. Our parallel mission is for Makers Making to function as a medium for inspiring, discussing, and sharing creative processes.”

I do hope you’ll stop by and say hello and check out the really cool things that makers make, brought to you by Dan and Lindsay.

You can also find them online at or on Instagram @makersmaking Email: 


Checking Out iPad Blogging App

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I love my iPad and had decided to buy a blogging app for it. I originally chose BlogPad Pro, but ever since I updated my iOS to 8.3, BlogPad Pro is refusing to launch. The developer is working to fix it, but in the mean time I've decided to give Blogsy, another blogging app, a try.

Anybody out there have a preference between these two apps, or a suggestion of another?



Turning 64 and Still No Rules…

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TattooTurning 64 hurts. Well, at least it did for the 20 or so minutes it took for Kate Collins of No Ka Oi  Tiki Tattoo in Philadelphia to emblazon my inner forearm with my slogan “There are no rules, only materials.” The new tattoo, my second, was a birthday gift from my wife, Betsy Alexander.