2016 POST Open Studio Tours, Oct. 8 & 9, Noon till 6…

Open Studio EventCome one and come all to Raven’s Wing Studio on October 8&9 from noon till 6 pm. Meet Philadelphia artists Burnell Yow! and Betsy Alexander. And be granted an audience with the world-famous feline musical diva, Nora The Piano Cat. Hope to see you here!

2301 Naudain Street
Philadelphia, PA 19146


Color Is A Drug I Can’t Live Without…

I Want All The Colors

Color is life. Life is color. I went through a period in my life when I wore mostly black. It was cool. It was artistic, intellectual, hip. Can’t say for sure when I changed my mind, but it was around the time I began my Digital Abstract and Digital Mandala series. And now color is the drug I can’t live without. Nor would I ever want to try.



Trash Artists Burnell & Betsy Filmed and Interviewed by Phylandra McFaddin

Philadelphia Dumpster Divers: Betsy and Burnell from Phylandra McFaddin on Vimeo.


My Time As A Member of the Vibe Tribe

Seems like only yesterday I was contacted by one of my favorite online clothing and accessories stores, Soul-Flower.com, about joining their 2015-16 Vibe Tribe of guest bloggers. Six posts later and I, and the six others in my Tribe (each contributing 6 posts throughout the year), turn over the reins to a new group of flowering souls for the 2016-17 season.

On the off chance that you may have missed one or two, I’ve attached links to my six inspired posts below, starting with the most recent. Please visit and check out the posts, mine and my other Vibe Tribers’, and if you’re into cool threads for kind heads, (and who isn’t, right?), then check out the great hippie and festival wear and accessories that Soul-Flower.com has to offer.

The links to my posts are as follows, with the most recent first:

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5) Whatever You Are, Be That


4) An Urban Oasis Grows In Philly


3) On Becoming A Time Lord


2) The Philadelphia Dumpster Divers: Upcycling Trash Into Treasure


1) Celebrating The Here And Now

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Alas, Poor Yorick!

Perhaps the derivation of the word “skullcap.” Perhaps not. I am convinced an aggressive forceps delivery 65 years ago activated an area of my brain at birth that bears total responsibility for my particular view of the world. Now what’s your excuse?


My Oasis Blog Post on Soul-flower.com/blog

For almost a year now I have been a guest blogger for Soul Flower. Discovered them a year ago after searching the web for “hippie clothing.” Their slogan is “Cool Threads for Kind Heads,” and a few months after my first order of their Puttin’ on the Jam Patch Pants, I was invited to join their Vibe Tribe as a guest blogger. I love their clothing and accessories, and even though they have more for women than for men, I was delighted to blog for them.

Click to read my latest blog post “An Urban Oasis Grows In Philly.” And while you are there, check out my other posts and the posts by other Vibe Tribe members – and don’t forget to peruse the site for some really cool threads.


Wife Bearing Gifts Greets Husband Upon Return From Foreign Land

My wife, Betsy Alexander, recently returned from ten days in Canada. And all I got was this wonderful, amazing, right-up-my-alley t-shirt by indigenous artist, Andy Everson. Says Andy, “Skulls bring up a wide gamut of emotions. Each and every one represents a life lived and a life lost. We honour that our ancestors are now in the ground. They surround us…the story is in the soil.” The trousers are “Puttin’ On The Jam” pants from Soul-Flower.com, and the one of a kind hat made from sewn-together clothing labels is by trash artist, Donna Steck-McMahon. Body by the planet Earth, but it’s only on loan.
The Artist


David Wander In Our Collection


DavidWanderDavidWander_photoThe work of David Wander that caught Betsy’s eye is pictured at above. It is titled Lavendar Field. The small oil painting (13.5″ X 17″) was on display in the window of the Sande Webster Gallery, 2006 Walnut Street, in Philadelphia. As Betsy tells it, it was love at first sight, and she felt an overwhelming desire to enter the gallery and purchase the piece. It now occupies a prominent place in the piano studio.

David’s work can be viewed on his website at http://davidwanderstudio.com/index.html

He may contacted at davidwander@aol.com

In Philly, David’s work is avalable at
Sande Webster Gallery
2006 Walnut St. Philadelphia PA 19103


Coffee With Picasso

Face to Face With Picasso

Okay. Here’s what happened: Fifteen years ago I had a dream. There was no mountain top involved, just me hanging out with Pablo Picasso in his studio. At one point in our conversation, Pablo lifted his cup of coffee to his lips, sipped quietly, and then said, “Art is a leap into the dark.” When I awoke, I thought to myself, that’s cool. I must have read that quote somewhere, though I didn’t know where. It ended up being used in my artist’s statement on my website – attributed, of course, to Picasso. I liked it so much, in fact, I even drew it on the wall and floor of my studio.

Jump ahead ten years. I receive an email from a university student who was writing her thesis on Pablo Picasso. She had come across the quote on my website and wanted to use it, but she had not found the quote listed anywhere else, and she needed to know my source. Evidently, it had not turned up in any online searches or in any of the printed material she had read on Picasso.

Hmmm. Had I put words into the virtual mouth of Pablo? And if that were the case, was not the quote actually by me? So, I began my own online research and, sure enough, the only appearance of the quote was on my website and in two quote databases, both of which listed my website as the source. On the strength of the sort of overwhelming evidence in favor of my inadvertent authorship via dream script, I began taking credit for the wise words.

Jump ahead another five years. A Google search this evening turned up many listings of the quote, mostly attributed to Picasso, but there were a few attributed to me. What to do? Do I surrender authorship to the more famous of the two of us? Do I continue to claim authorship based on the dream and the seeming evidence that it first appeared in my artist’s statement? Or do I share authorship with a nod to the generally accepted notion that “great minds think alike”?

Hmmm. I guess until I get that letter from Paloma’s attorney, I’ll keeping saying, “Art is a leap into the dark.” – Yow!


Betsy Has A New Website…

Yes. Betsy Alexander, musician, composer, visual artist, collector, teacher, gardener – and my wife – has her very own website. It’s called Betsy’s Wonderful Things and can be found at, of all places, http://betsyswonderfulthings.com

Betsy's Wonderful Things