Raven’s Wing Studio Door Gets A Facelift

Studio door in progress.
A make-over for the door to my studio. I was going through some of my stash in the basement when I came upon a couple of old painted canvases from maybe 25-30 years ago, and it struck me that sections of them would look good on the outside of the door to my studio. Box cutter in hand, I went to work cuttting out a couple of smaller rectangular pieces from the larger stretched canvases. Then I grabbed a bucket of matte medium, a large brush and a roller and went to work gluing the sections to the door. What fun! This is a work in progress and next I’ll be painting the abstract shapes freely drawn with a broad-tipped sharpie around the edges. Who knows what else I may add before I proclaim it finished. Never fear. I’ll keep you posted.

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  • Tracy Link Reply

    Great idea…. Love it.

    • Thanks, Tracy. Not sure Betsy likes it. She’s planted morning glories to grow up my security door.

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