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Reading Glasses

Reading Glasses

Well, I’ve finally given in to wearing reading glasses. I’m nearsighted, so I have my regular prescription glasses for distance viewing, but over the last six months, the need for reading glasses has made itself abundantly clear (or should I say “slightly out of focus”). Now I have a special pair for the computer that filter out some of the blue light so they reduce eye fatigue, a pair for iPhone distance (also blue filtered), and a pair for working on my iPad Pro (blue filter, too). And yes, there is a difference in the optimal distance I hold my iPad and iPhone. Adapting to an aging mind and body at 68 years old is absolutely necessary. Oh boy, I can’t wait to see what the next 20 years can throw at me!

And in case you are wondering where I shop for my reading glasses (and why wouldn’t you?), my two favorite places are and Both have cool styles and cool prices and fast shipping. I’ll see you around no matter how close or distant you may be standing at the time.

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