Linda Lou Horn – Exhibition At St. Asaph’s

We visited with Linda. Looked at the art. And we left with two new works to add to our collection. Or was it three?

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  • Bill Norwood Link Reply

    It is November 12, 2019. How are you folks doing? Is Nora still alive? We are cat people so Nora is one of our favorites and her 2007 videos made her look pretty fat and we worried about her health. Hope she is still playing. All the best.

    • Burnell Yow! Link Reply

      Nora is still with us. She is in good health and turned 15 last September. She still plays quite often. In fact, today she was playing with a student. Years ago, she had weighed 16 lbs. Her vet suggested we monitor her eating, as she was fond of cleaning up the other cat’s leftovers. We started feeding her separately from the others, and she lost 4 lbs over the next year. She’s pretty much stayed at around 11 or 12 lbs since then.

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