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I Am Really Loving This

“Avenue Of Dreams”
Digital Collage Art (2023)

I am a visual artist. I love colour. So imagine my dismay when the basal ganglia at the base of my brain began sending inappropriate signals to the muscles around my eyes twelve years ago telling my eyelids to close. It got to the point that if I wanted to see, I had to tape my eyelids open. Now I get Botox injections every four months – and no more taping. The green image at the top of this collage is part of a graphic showing the injection sites. I see it every time I visit my neurologist. He was kind enough to allow me to take a photo of it during a recent visit. Now it’s in a piece of art.

Colour is my drug of choice…

I breathe it in and exhale it through my art. This series of digital collage pieces features an intense layering of colour, texture, and images that create a surreal wonderland, a playground for my brain. Feel free to come along.

The title “Rennie’s World” refers to my beloved cat who died a year ago in July, and I miss him daily.