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Digital Exquisite Corpse Project

The Digital Exquisite Corpse Project began in September of 1997, and is the result of my meeting two other artists over the Internet. David Walters (Newbury Park, CA) and Larry Parkes (Blooming Prairie, MN) have since become my collaborators in the creation of digital works of art based on the surrealist parlor game known as Exquisite Corpse. Here’s how our digital version of the game works, as devised by the three of us:

Artist #1 creates a 7×3 inch, 300 dpi image in Adobe Photoshop. He then emails the bottom 1/4 inch or the image to the next artist, who will use the 1/4 inch reference strip as a guide to begin his 7×3 inch section. When completed, artist #2 will email the bottom 1/4 inch of his image to the third artist, who will use it as a guide to begin his section. When all three sections are complete, they are emailed to each artist and are then put together edge to edge to form one complete image.

There is never any touching up or manipulating of the sections once they are complete. They go together exactly as they arrive. The resulting images are frequently bizarre, dream-like (even nightmarish at times), surprising, often poetic, and someimes quite humorous.

Click thumbnail, then click near the edge of image to view next or, on your Mac or PC, use your keyboard’s left and right arrow keys.