Digital Exquisite Corpse Project

The Digital Exquisite Corpse Project (DECP) is the result of a unique collaboration via the Internet that run from 1997 to 2003 between myself and two other artists I have yet to meet. Larry Parkes (Blooming Prairie, MN) and David Walters (Newbury Park, CA) and I created 74 digital works of art based on the Surrealist game of the 1920’s and 30’s called “Exquisite Corpse,” in which an artist creates a drawing on the top section of a sheet of paper folded in thirds. He or she then extends a few lines down into the middle section before folding the top section back and passing it to the next artist, who does the same before passing it to the third artist. When the drawing is completed it is unfolded. The resulting work is frequently bizarre or dream-like, possibly charged with humor, surprising, and often poetic.

Here’s how our digital version worked, as devised by the three of us: The first artist created a digital image on his computer, then emailed the bottom quarter inch of the image to the next artist. We called this quarter inch piece the “reference strip.” The second artist used this strip as a reference for starting his section. When completed, he emailed the bottom quarter inch of his image to the third artist, who then created the last section. Once all sections were completed, we emaied them to one another and they were put together in Photoshop to form one image. There is no altering or touching up of the image after the sections are completed. They go together exactly as they arrive.

I think you’ll find the resulting images quite wonderful. Actual size is 7″X9″.

About the author: Artist and musician.