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Rennie Inside Piano

Rennie is the studio cat. He lives in the art studio, which is pretty much the first floor of the house, except for a small waiting room for Betsy’s students. We often refer to the art studio as Rennie’s World. He has numerous play areas and perches, including a cat tree I made for him, which leads to a cat walk up near the ceiling that runs the length of the wall and ends at a two-story dollhouse converted to a cat house. Although he is a normally very mild-mannered fellow – his nickname is “buddha boy” – he found one day that he could no longer tolerate the antics of one of our other six cats. Her name is Ellie. I put a screen door between the studio and the rest of the house and he seems quite content to call the studio his home. I’m certain Ellie is relieved.

RennieOnMyShouldersI adore Rennie, and he spends a good deal of time riding around on my shoulders as I make art, or curled up on my lap when I’m meditating.

Before Rennie became the studio cat, he had the run of the house and loved hanging out with Nora at the piano – perhaps a little too much, as his favorite thing to do was crawl inside the instrument, all under the guise of keeping it in working order. Check it in the video below.

And here’s a video from the Nora Presents series featuring Rennie in “Size Matters.”

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